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Welcome to the most powerful live customer support solution.
Live Admin is a live chat software designed for online customer relations. It can be used as standalone installation or hosted version. On hosted version we will take care of all technical issues. To use the hosted version, simply signup, then login and click on Installation Instructions in Configuration menu. All you have to do is to add some HTML codes to your web page.
There are 3 versions of Live Admin, you can compare the features at Compare all Live Admin versions:

LiveAdmin Hosted

It's the hosted version of LiveAdmin, useful if you don't want to get involved with installation process or your hosting service provider does not have required components to host LiveAdmin. To use the hosted version you need to signup and then add a few lines of code to your current HTML pages. You may also use ready to use plugins for popular content management systems.

LiveAdmin Standalone

There is also a downloadable version of Live Admin called Live Admin Standalone. You can download and install it on your own site. To activate the standalone version you will need a license. It can be ordered at Live Admin Standalone Registration and license fee is one time for life (no subscription or renewal would be necessary). Lifetime registration includes free upgrade to latest minor versions.

LiveAdmin Lite

It's the FREE version of LiveAdmin. You can download the package and install it on your own hosting space. LiveAdmin Lite is same as Standalone version with less features.

Live Admin Demo can be reached at this page.


Signup now and enjoy all features of Live Admin Hosted for 30 days.


Live Admin key features

  • Multiple languages supported at client side. All texts are fully customizable.
  • Keep log of all chats for as long as you need.
  • Multiple access levels, Administrators can create agents and configure the whole system while Agents can only customize look and feel of their own chat panel.
  • Easy installation, Just one line of code into every page that needs to have the chat button.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers.
  • Unlimited Admins
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Unlimited Traffic
$49 per year
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