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Here you can find supporting files and modules for Live Admin.

Modules and Addons - For all versions of LiveAdmin

Joomla Joomla v1.5.x Module - version 1.2

This is an integration module for Joomla version 1.5.x, After download install it into Joomla admin panel and then configure it. By default, module configured to show the admin status of demo, you need to change the site key in configuration section of Joomla, site key can be found in admin panel of LiveAdmin.
Joomla v1.0.x Module

This is an integration module for Joomla version 1.0.x, It's just like 1.5.x version, but designed for version 1.0.x of joomla.
WordPress WordPress Widget Plugin - version 1.1
A sidebar widget to be used in WordPress. Designed for WordPress 2.7 or later and fully tested on WordPress 2.8.

To install:
1. Download the plugin and unpack.
2. Upload the 'liveadmin' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.
3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
4. Go to Settings -> Live Admin and enter the site key of live admin system.
5. Go to Appearance -> Widgets and add the Live Admin widget to side bar.
OS-Commerce OS-Commerce 2.2 Module - version 1.0
Integration module for OS-Commerce 2.2, also tested on 2.2 RC2.

To install:
1. Download the plugin and unpack.
2. Follow the instructions in installation.txt file.

Live Admin Standalone

LiveAdmin Standalone Live Admin Standalone is the downloadable version of same product we use to host the chat system. It's now available for download. More information can be found at Live Admin Standalone page.
Live Admin Standalone without GeoIP database:
File Name MD5 Date Size db827259e04cd91aa08402ac724a7c73 08-May-2014 2.23 MB
liveadmin_1.3.5-nogeo.tar.gz e4a938e0867b2aab822faaf4782fc6de 08-May-2014 2.13 MB
liveadmin_1.3.5-nogeo.tar.bz2 a7d860d150173f26d45cd75dc9bc169c 08-May-2014 2.06 MB

Live Admin Standalone with GeoIP database:
File Name MD5 Date Size e269d7d028561ea58e3d3a20f1636411 08-May-2014 20.41 MB
liveadmin_1.3.5-full.tar.gz 649dbb37a83d46ba6b17a310812557a7 08-May-2014 20.32 MB
liveadmin_1.3.5-full.tar.bz2 2f888f25a143a827e459582e8acba0f8 08-May-2014 20.89 MB

Live Admin Lite - Free

LiveAdmin Lite - Free Live Admin Lite is the Free version of downloadable chat system. More information can be found at Live Admin Lite page.
File Name MD5 Date Size e23bc5d5356568ca7a77f3729754536c 08-May-2014 2.17 MB
liveadmin_1.3.5-lite.tar.gz 72f36bc2e59db600b5ccf5615fec11b1 08-May-2014 2.08 MB
liveadmin_1.3.5-lite.tar.bz2 88c7c66c727986a4d61686b759e636ee 08-May-2014 2.02 MB

Live Admin - Desktop

LiveAdmin Lite - Free LiveAdmin Desktop is a desktop application for accessing admin panel of LiveAdmin Hosted, Standalone and Lite. It will be installed on your operating system (i.e. Microsoft Windows) and gives you some unique features like minimizing to system tray, visual notification of incoming chat and more.
Operating System File Name Date Size
Microsoft Windows
liveadmin_desktop_1.0.1_win32.exeMD5: d07becb547848f09fd1417eeeeac8de2 08-May-2014 15.50 MB
Mac OS X
10.4 or later
liveadmin_desktop_1.0.1_mac.dmgMD5: cd997dcaa13c7eb992b5d9f6e09b3045 08-May-2014 11.14 MB